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Standing Tall At SuperExpo2019!

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Standing Tall At SuperExpo2019!

20 Jun 2019

SuperExpo2019 - Australia's largest trade exhibition for the window furnishing and specialised textiles industry - was a remarkable success! Rollease Acmeda was a proud gold sponsor of the show, where our extraordinary 225 sqm stand was on display. Held at the Gold Coast Convention centre in Queensland, the extremely popular exhibition saw a total of 5,500 visitors attending.

Positioned right by the entrance of the show, our stand was purposely designed to house not only our latest innovations, but also to provide a functional seating area where all of our visitors could enjoy a coffee, afternoon drinks and a thorough chat with our team. The stand was halved by a central walkway, one half being the dedicated entertaining area, and the other half directed visitors into one of three specific sections of products; Motorisation, Internals and Externals. 

Entertainment + work area 2

Our beautifully designed cafe bar and product section.

The large presence of our stand, coupled with our brand new Automate suite being unveiled at the show, sent a buzz through the convention centre. The excitement around our stand meant our sales team was busily interacting with hundreds of people each day.

Motorisation Product Manager, Stefan Botha and Motorisation Business Development Manager, Kevin Mayer, accompanied our sales team in educating our visitors about our second generation of Automate products. The new Wire-Free Li-ion Zero motors were a huge attraction, thanks to their unique functionality and patented motor head design.

A real interest was shown for the new 'Battery Check Function' that the motors are able to perform (a unique and exciting function of the motor that moves the shade down to signify battery percentage), as well as the unobtrusive nature of the slim motor design. Having no visible wires and a cover cap that conceals the motor head completely left many of our stand's visitors outwardly impressed.

Attendees of the show were also greeted by the brand-new Pulse Hub 2, alongside the beautifully designed new Push5 remote and Solar Panel V2. The second-generation hub was well received for not only its modern design, but for its new list of integrations. Native Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility proved to be a celebrated selling point for those interested in the latest offerings of smart technology.

Motorisation stand 1

The motorisation section was consistently busy throughout the show.
Pictured above: Our Product Managers and Sales team training customers on the new Wire-Free Li-ion Zero motors, Pulse 2, Solar Panel and Push5 remote.  

Our internals section was populated by our signature hardware with an especially strong emphasis on child-safe solutions. Visitors had a real chance to experience and use our extensive range of chain-free hardware solutions and the sales team did a tremendous job of attending to all of our visitors and ensuring they were able to get the most out of the products on display.

The CF90 Bottom Up was one of the most popular products on the stand, with many of our customers expressing their enthusiasm by sharing the reversed shade on their social media channels. Internals Product Manager Gary Lam was able to introduce the innovation to those interested and demonstrated how the reversed shading system can provide perfect privacy while balancing natural light. Those who saw the system at SuperExpo also appreciated the unique self-levelling hem bar, a functional benefit that aids in achieving a seamless, unobtrusive design.

Visitors were also appreciative of the functional benefits our top and bottom limiter added to our signature RB09 chain control, and blown away by the semi-automatic, child-safety suite Easy Spring Series. Aero was another stand-out product for the internals section. The smooth semi-automated operation of the Aero shades impressed many onlookers and showcased the diverse nature of the reinvented dual shade system.


Pictured on the left: Our internal product manager Gary Lam informing visitors on the technology behind our CF90 Bottom Up.
Pictured on the top right: National Sales Manager, Andrew Robson demonstrating how the Aero Dual Shade system operates.
Pictured on the bottom right: VIC & TAS Business Account Manager, Leon Raudys, showcasing the child-safety rollers - Easy Spring Wand and Easy Spring Ultra.

With several new additions to our external product range, this section of the Rollease Acmeda stand had hundreds of people gravitating towards it, eager to see all of the beautiful awnings and external shades on display.

Feng, our new flagship LED awning, was situated at the front of the stand and was perfectly positioned right in line with the entrance of the entire show! The elegant awning spanned an impressive 5 metres wide with a 3 metre projection and was definitely a popular attraction that was extremely well received by all. Our sales team kept up with the constant queries about the product and were able to explain its significance, as well as the significance of our Shan, Klip and Klip POD awnings too.

Aside from our awnings, our first-ever roofing system was also on display. Frame debuted at SuperExpo and we could not have been more excited to share the brilliant product with all those who attended the show. Our Business Account Manager, Sam Porch demonstrated the product to crowds and crowds of onlookers, providing an exceptional level of detail about how the new system is able to protect both from sun and rain!

Zipscreen products were scattered across both the motorisation and external sections of our stand, ensuring the well-established external shading system was easily found by all of our visitors. Both Zipscreens on display were fitted with the new Ultra-Lock, a state-of-the-art locking mechanism that integrates directly into the side channels of the system. Our External Product Manager, Aidan Schofield had a flurry of interest for the eagerly anticipated lock and demonstrated the innovative nature of its adaptive locking technology.


Pictured on the left: External Product Manager, Aidan Schofield showcasing the new Zipscreen Ultra-Lock.
Pictured on the top left: Our new flagship awning Feng, displayed at the very front of our stand with its bright integrated LED lightning.
Pictured on the right: QLD & NSW Business Account Manager, Sam Porch showing off our first-ever roofing system, Frame.

Thank you to all those who attended and came to visit us! Without the support and interest of all of our visitors we wouldn't have had such a successful exhibit. Rollease Acmeda as a brand could not be prouder of our team, our stand and our supporters.

We would like to thank Luxcel Blinds, Creative Wholesale Blinds, Venus Drapes, Shade HQ and Serge Ferrari for all their help in fabricating shades for our stand. In addition, we’d like to also honourably mention our distribution teams GAT Agencies and Waypoint Distribution, their support made a tremendous impact on the amount of people we were able to reach at the show.

It was truly inspirational to see such a large number of people appreciate the products we have dedicated countless hours and resources to. Thank you and see you all again at SuperExpo2022.

drinksThe Rollease Acmeda stand was definitely a hot spot when the coffee and drinks started flowing! 

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