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Roman Blinds: Advanced Slim Spool

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3 Reasons Why the Slim Spool Should be Considered for Roman Blinds.

27 Jun 2019

Roman blinds, like any other shade, play a vital role in both the design of a home and its climate. They aid in the reduction of harsh light and provide overall control of how much natural heat penetrates a home’s windows. Whether it be a bedroom, dining room, or living room, Roman blinds are functional, elegant and effective for natural light control.

Our SS38 system caters to a variety of Roman blind installations and in recent years the majority of installations have utilised our standard spool, however there is a more efficient substitute - our Advanced Slim Spool. 

1. Easier to handle. 

From a fabrication stand point, the Slim spool is much easier to handle. The improved design holds the cord of a Roman blind in a manner that is both secure, and easy to replace. The open shell of the spool means the cord is exposed and significantly more easily accessible. The closed nature of the Standard Spool means to remove or replace the cord, the entire spool must be dismantled. This is not the case with the Advanced Slim Spool, simply remove the cord and attach a new one instead.

Slim and Standard


2. Unobtrusive Cord.  

The Advanced Slim Spool is installed with a 1mm thick cord, which aids in creating a completely unobtrusive design. The thin cord easily blends into the context of any application, ensuring it is effectively hidden. In contrast, the Standard Spool's 1.4mm cord, is thicker and therefore can unwillingly become more prominent in the Roman blind's design, especially when using a sheer fabric.

Slim and Standard cord

3. 30% less effort. 25% increased lift capacity.

Above all else the Slim Spool's diameter is where its true strength lies. The reduced diameter of the spool means one pull equates to more revolutions, therefore reducing the amount of effort an end user needs to raise or lower a Roman blind by 30%. The smaller diameter leverages this effect to also increase the lifting capacity of the spool by 25% so heavier fabrics installed are smoother and more sturdy to operate. 

Slim and Standard diameter

Less user effort, less cord visibility and an improved, fabricator friendly design. Our Advanced Slim Spool is a great alternative to the Standard Spool and fits perfectly into the SS38 system.

 If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of the Advanced Slim Spool for yourself, please contact your sales representative for more information!

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