Latest News

Our latest digital catalogue features up to date product inclusions and changes which have occurred over the past 6 months along with our recently advised price increase across all categories.

Our next full release is scheduled for July 2022, in which new hard copies will be circulated. 


Hardware Updates:

  • Discontinued Box 85 & Z-Lock Skylight Box 85 & Box 100 systems; all removed from Cassette Rollers.
  • FZ47 Weight bar & end caps have been replaced by F56 HD Weight bar in the Box 100 & Box 120 Z-Lock systems.
  • Crank control option has been removed from Box 120 Z-Lock system
  • General updates throughout the Box 100 & Box 120 Z-Lock systems.
  • Refined Panel Glide product hardware offering 
  • Updated pack size on Easy-link Male and Female Drives
  • Rollers Catalogue now features the new FRS Snap Lock Centre Support Bracket & Clear Round stop ball products.
  • All Aluminium and Hardware Products increased by 9%.

Outdoor Updates:

  • Piuma, Klip, Stein and Kumo Folding Arm Awnings increased by 12%
  • Feng Folding Arm Awning and Frame Roofing System increased by 5%.
  • Refined spare parts & marketing sample items 
  • All Aluminium and Hardware Products increased by 9%.

Automate Updates:

  • Updated colour on Crown and Drive sets to white for Battery & DC motors
  • Additional accessories included for 45mm Automate motors
  • Please note: Automate Motors, Controllers and associated accessories did not increase in price.

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