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Rationalised folding arm awning kits

New Pricing for Awning Kits
26 Oct 2017

We have adjusted the widths of our cut to size awning kits – the previous standard width segmentations have been updated to more system specific increments to best maximise the value and components performance offered within each kit. By streamlining the width of the kits on offer, we were able to remove excess centre support and installation brackets, which has resulted in better value for you.

A new format now means you simply follow along the line and calculate your requirements accordingly. Upgrades include motor and gear attachments along with our Automate range of accessories. To work out the total cost of the system it is as easy as adding all parts as you go – ensuring no hidden costs and a very clear layout of charges.

Minimum width projection now includes all arm configurations to ensure that each system performs as intended. Up to 6 arms are now specified where required for each folding arm awning system kit. This information has also been incorporated within the kit pricing structure.

We also have an easy step by step order form, making it more user friendly to accurately order your awning kit, first time. The form now includes an error checking functionality to highlight potential size incompatibilities. It also features a reset button that only resets the system information, leaving your company details intact for efficient re-ordering, while also preventing previous order data from accidently recurring.

An Accessories drop down list is now included to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities for adding value, such as a protection hood, wind/light or motion sensors to automatically control and protect your customers’ investment.

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