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D30 Silent Bottom Rail

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11 Apr 2017
The one and only D30 Bottom Rail

The D30 silent weight bar features two allocations to house a Clear Bubble Seal and/or Fabric Brush. A refined clear bubble seal can be added to assist maintaining a quiet environment, ensuring noise is muted when the bar comes in contact with window frames when disturbed by movement. A fabric brush can be utilised to close up extra light gaps on cassette dim out roller shades, providing an increased light block-out solution. Allocations positioned at the back and underneath the bar are identical to provide an interchangeable solution for your upgrade. 



D30 Silent Aluminium Bottom Rail

Bubble Seal Small

 Fabric Brush T Slot Fit





Pack Size:

Inner: 10 | Outer: 140

Inner: 100 | Outer: 1,000

 Inner: 500 | Outer: 2,500


Anodised 020, satin black 050, pure white 069, bronze pearl 082, sandstone 269, bone 280, barley 283, dune 428

Clear 001

 Black 050
Length:  5.8 Meters Ø 5mm x 100 Lm roll  5mmH x 4.8mmW 500 Lm roll
Use with:
D30 End Caps, Base Rail Weight Rod, Bubble Seal strip & Fabric Brush


 Functional Benefits: 

  • Reduced noise if disturbed by movement, commonly caused by heating and cooling systems, when bumping against window frames.
  • Sleek hidden slots, maintaining a premium front view aesthetic.
  • Back and front allocations are interchangeable to hold either a bubble seal or

    fabric brush.

Note: The first generation D30 rail is no longer available. 

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