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Cassette Configurations


Customise your Zipscreen or Veue Drop Awnings

2 Dec 2016

The latest cassette design used on the Veue Drop Awnings and Zipscreen Outdoor shades systems can be mixed and matched to offer multiple configurations.

The new three piece cassette features a half front, full front, and full back section giving you the power to create your ideal cassette scenario at installation. By using only the required sections, our new cassette ensures a greater value for money and customisation.


Full Cassette

  • The Full Cassette is our premium solution for any situation, boasting architectural appeal at any angle
  • It protects the fabric and hides the components for the best looking and longest lasting result
  • Ideal for entertaining areas where people are up close and personal with the system (where design matters)

Semi Cassette

  • The Semi Cassette offers the similar enclosure to the full cassette, however features a slightly larger opening on the underside
  • Offers similar protection from the elements as per the full cassette, protecting the fabric
  • Great for fitting into widow recesses

Full Fascia

  • The Full Fascia system allows you to maximise your investment by giving great frontal appeal, while being more cost effective
  • This system can be cleverly used under eaves where weather protection from above is not required, whilst still providing a decorative cover solution.
  • When attached to a wall or beam, the Full fascia looks every bit as good as a Full cassette and saves you money

Semi Fascia

  • A simplified Fascia solution which maximises value and allows for a great view of the system from the street where curb appeal is important
  • Just like the Full Fascia, it is best suited in under cover situations, which only require decorative cover solution.
  • A cost effective solution offering a good façade to blend into its surroundings


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