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Discontinued line of Automate Products

4 Aug 2016
Since the launch of Automate back in 2012, our remote controls have been upgraded with both design and functionality  improvements. 

To ensure you can continue to program with discontinued models, please see below list of different remote controls which you may come across in the field. By clicking on the links below, you can download the programming instructions for each obsolete style.

Rollers / Internal / Wirefree range

RF200 1st Gen Prog. Inst..- Single & Five Channel Remote Controls.

RF200 2nd Gen Prog. Inst.Single & Fifteen Channel Remotes. 


RF200 3rd Gen Prog. Instr - Single & Fourteen Channel Remotes.



Rollers / Internal & External / AC Wired

RF500 1st Gen Prog. Inst.Single & Fifteen Channel Remotes. 


RF500 2nd Gen Prog. Inst. Single & Fifteen Channel Remotes. 

RF500 3rd Gen Pro. Inst. - Single, Five (with timer) & Fifteen Channel Remotes. 
RF500s 4th Gen Pro. Inst- Single & Fifteen Channel Remotes. 

RF401s 1st Gen Pro. Inst- Single Channel Wall Remote 
RF415s 1st Gen Pro. Inst- Fifteen Channel Wall Remote 

Automate Pulse Quick Start Guide 


Externals / Automate FT Motor

Programming Instructions 



Externals / Automate Sensors

Wind & Sun Sensor Programming Instructions