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Our new wirefree motor range

31 Aug 2016
Rollease Acmeda introduces three new members to the Automate motorisation family.


The Automate Li-ion series is our new built-in, re-chargeable battery range for the motorisation of internal shades.

The three wire-free motors, featuring ARC (Automate Radio Communications) technology, have the flexibility to cater to a large range of application needs. Whether the decision-making process is based around lifting capability, budget, speed, minimal noise or maximum battery capacity, there is an Automate Li-ion motor that will suit.

To support the Automate Li-ion range, programming our wire-free motors has never been simpler with the ARC-compatible Paradigm remote controls, along with the Automate Solar Panel Charger which continues to store energy in indirect and low-light conditions.

Automate Li-ion motors are compatible with the Rollease Acmeda S35, S40, S45 & Skyline systems.

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