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Automate Application Range Campaign

22 Jul 2021

To support our Automate® program and website launch, we have established a series
of communications which illustrates all the different shades that can be automated and
what type of motors can control them.

The objective behind this campaign is to communicate our range at the retailer and
consumer level, enticing customers to demand Automate.

We cover the following application types; Awnings, Outdoor Shades, Rollers, Romans & Venetians. Within each application we highlight what type of powered
motorisation is available, from battery operated wirefree motors, to DC low voltage and
AC 240V motors.

We would like for our customers to utilise this campaign and send out to their own
established databases, spreading the word about our automation program. These EDM’s can be co-branded and send from your own accounts for a customised approach. This Automate Application package includes a collection of 5 drafted email communications, a series of 10 social media posts, and personalized brochures.