The Rollease Acmeda AUTOMATE range of motors, controllers and sensors work seamlessly with our precision hardware to ensure efficient and trouble free assembly across all of our systems. This guarantees a complete, premium solution with advanced technology to provide the ultimate in user comfort.



ARC™ (Automate Radio Communication) is our proprietary radio communication technology that brings your motorised system together, offering a variety of functions utilising 433MHz Bi-directional Communication.


    Automate Internal Rollers

    Our high-quality AUTOMATE Internal roller range includes mechanical limit, electronic limit and wirefree battery powered motors with ultra-quiet performance for minimal noise.


    Automate External Rollers

    AUTOMATE FT15 motor is a multifunction tubular motor offering three different modes of operation; E-type for standard use, MANUAL FT Mode for use with conventional locking devices with fabric tensioning and AUTO FT Mode for use with Rollease Acmeda’s proprietary ULTRA LOCK providing automatic fabric tensioning.


    Automate Awnings

    The AUTOMATE A20 & A50 range provides a complete motorised solution for folding arm awnings. The Automate A50 is suitable for our open style Klip and Stein awnings, while the A20 & A50c is perfect for the cassette style awning systems, featuring a fabric self-tightening function that ensures a perfectly sealed cassette which preserves fabric for a longer life span.


    Automate Curtains

    AUTOMATE C offers a complete motorised curtain solution. Featuring SOFT TOUCH technology to automatically open or close your curtain with a gentle pull on the fabric to initiate movement. This impressive motor is operated by either our RF500 or RF400 series remote controls, is quiet for optimal acoustic comfort and comes complete with a 5 year warranty.



    A variety of control solutions are available to complement our motors including stylish hand held remotes, wall switches and the latest A.R.T (Automate Reactive Technology) series of sensors to enhance your overall outdoor experience.